Trapeze School New York


Trapeze School New York (TSNY) is a company that is dedicated to providing aerial arts (flying trapeze, silks, hammock, rope, lyra, static trapeze, trampoline, condition, balancing & acrobatics and more) instruction as a life-enhancing experience,

accomplished by creating an environment that is dedicated to enhancing physical health and increasing self-esteem. Through group and private classes, workshops, team building & corporate events and large parties (Weddings, Sweet 16s, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and more), Trapeze School New York builds strength and community spirit with an emphasis on encouragement and accomplishment, in a noncompetitive atmosphere.

What is taught and learned at TSNY can be used as a metaphor for life – taking actions that lead to more and more positive life choices in people’s day to day lives.

TSNY have incorporated the use of USB Flash drives to capture the photographs taken during the class of each individual’s experience, so at the end of their classes, folks can take away more than just the memories – they can walk away with photos to share the experience with friends and family, whether online or by creating physical prints. The USB Flash drives have also become a memento in their own right, as each USB Flash drive is branded with the TSNY logo.

The USB Flash drives have the capacity for 100s of photos and have shortened the amount of time people wait for their pictures. And TSNY have even been able to create promos for returning customers – anyone who comes to a class with their TSNY USB Flash drive, can have all of their photos from class at a special promo price.


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