Make a Big Impact

Make a Great Impression Long After the Event is Over

As a marketing professional, meeting planner or event organizer, you know how difficult it can be to select branding and promotional materials that won’t end up in a junk drawer somewhere. Truth of the matter is, a lot of promotional items just aren’t useful on a daily basis and sooner or later, they’re put away, given to the kids, or tossed out.

An Indispensable Tool

Our flash drives will never suffer such a fate. Instead, your marketing and branding message will continue to be seen every day as your recipients utilize your branded drives on a routine basis.

Whether moving files back and forth between home and office, using the drive as a portable music player, backing up critical files or loading them up with vacation photos, a USB flash drive quickly becomes an essential part of one’s life.

Like Having a Virtual Salesman

Best of all, your giveaway or lead generator can do marketing and sales legwork for you, long after the event is done. You can preload presentations, catalogs, sales kits and other information onto the drive so your prospect or customer has ready access to your company information.

Make Lasting Memories

You can also use the preload option to create a post event summary, complete with videos of keynotes, candid shots of attendees and exhibitors, meeting takeaways and after-hour networking sessions. These USB drives can be sent to your lead list after the event so it not only reminds the recipient of the event itself, but of your organization as well. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.