What our Custom Drives can do for You!

Our custom, branded USB drives are used in a wide variety of ways. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of individuals and businesses that span nearly every genre imaginable. In this article, we will share some unique ways that our customers have used our high-quality flash drives.

New in the Neighborhood

When people are new to a neighborhood or an area in general, they can be overwhelmed. Unlike the locals, they don’t know where many important places are – such as the local 24 hour clinic, the library, and the best local restaurants.

One real estate firm decided that they would help educate people who bought a new house in their neighborhood. They used our service to create a custom flash drive with the contact information of important places in the area included.

They hand these out to new arrivals. They appreciate the information and the free USB drive. The real estate company makes their customers happier and have increased brand awareness by providing a flash drive with a company logo and information on it.

Music Distribution

It’s hard to get the word about your music out. One local hip hop artist decided to use our service to help promote his brand (in this case, his music).CS

He started giving our custom branded flash drives that included files of his music. It’s convenient because unlike CD’s, our USB drives fit in people’s pockets. People simply need to plug in the USB drive to their computer to listen to his music, and his website address was included on every drive.

Data Card

It’s vital that you carry your medical information around with you in case something happens to you and doctors need this information.DataCard

Datecard1.com decided to use our custom USB drives service to make USB cards that include patient’s medical information. SInce they are small, it’s easy for patients to carry them around, and the information inside them is easy to access.

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