About Us

USB Wholesaler offers a collection of superbly designed, engineered and manufactured USB drives and accessories.

Our Focus
Our specialty is USB products… nothing else. As such, our collection of USB accessories is superbly designed, engineered and manufactured, using the very best quality control standards in the industry. Each of our products is an effective and useful marketing tool that is highly valued by the end user – your customer, employee or prospect.

Our products can be tailored precisely to your needs, including the design of the product and its packaging. Our talented team of designers will work with you to incorporate your logo, design standards and branding strategies into each product, creating a unique promotional tool that has maximum impact in the marketplace.

Cutting Edge Products
Our direct relationship with market-leading factories and producers worldwide means that we stay on top of new market trends and emerging technologies. As such, we are able to supply you with the most fashionable, popular designs that are in the greatest demand.

We understand only too well that our clients are often under tight deadlines for their promotional needs. That’s why we maintain solid working relationships with primary shippers to ensure that your orders are shipped securely and quickly.

Product Sourcing
Don’t see a product in our catalog that meets your needs exactly? No problem! Contact us and we will come up with a product that is just what you’re looking for.

Our Business Philosophy
Our business philosophy is very simple and has served us well. The USB Wholesaler team is dedicated to offering our clients friendly, professional service. We will go out of our way to find the right product at the right price and have it to you on time.